When There Is Will There Is Always A Way

Krishna and Lakshman are 8-year-old brothers studying in a Government school in Guwahati. Both are bright and enthusiastic about going to school. Their mother also works in the same school as a housekeeper.

when-there-is-will-there-is-always-a-wayThe only challenge in their lives is that both boys are blind by one eye. And the other eye has just about 30% vision. But this has not hampered their spirit towards learning. They go to school regularly and study with more enthusiasm than the other kids. They try hard to read from a book as they need to hold it very close to their eye to read.

The silver lining in their lives is that their parents support them and constantly encourage them to study hard. Their mother says, "We want them to study till Standard X at least. We have consulted doctors and want to get their eyes operated. We know it will cost us a fortune. But we don’t want our boys to wait for us to arrange for funds. Time is precious and they should utilise it to their complete benefit and study well."

She highly appreciates the Akshaya Patra' mid-day meal programme. She believes that the food they get in school is helping them a great deal to maintain good health. Both the boys aspire to study medicine when they grow up.

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