A mammoth ambition

Parvati is a 12-year-old girl studying in Harijan Hindi School, Guwahati. She lives with her mother and two sisters. Her elder sister is 15 years old, but does not go to school because she works as a domestic aide in households.

parvati-from-guwahatiParvati's family belongs to a socially backward caste and is originally from Bihar. Her mother has been the only bread winner for a few years now. She too works as a domestic helper.

Parvati's mother wants her two daughters to go to school because she believes education will help them succeed in life. Also, the fact that they get mid-day meals at school is of great relief to her. She wants them to lead a better life than the current one.

In the light of the current situation at her home, Parvati wants to become a police officer in order to punish criminals. Her younger sister also goes to school and she too is a bright child.

Akshaya Patra mid-day meal programme is highly beneficial to kids like Parvati and her sister. Moreover, it is enjoyed by them since it is hot, delicious and filling.

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