Ride 1200 kms for 120 Little Angels

Created By : Mr Gaurav

Ride 1200 kms for 120 Little Angels

Campaign Goal 4,10,000


Raised Funds ₹4,12,050.00

Raised funds can feed 275 children/year

Start Date:Dec 01, 2015

End Date: Dec 31, 2015

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Note: Rs. 1500 can feed a child for a year


Campaign Overview

“Ride 1200 kms for 120 little angels”  

Hi I am Gaurav Warman, aged 33 years working with L&T Mutual Fund as Training Head at Mumbai. I believe everyone owes some contribution towards society. I feel the time has arrived for me to do my bit. I choose to help the underprivileged kids of society for a better tomorrow. As a kid I was not born with a silver spoon. In fact, I had a troubled childhood. But now God has been kind enough as I have sufficient resources to live a dignified life. My mother has been a guiding angel in this journey.  Many more innocent & underprivileged kids also need a guiding angel to have a better future. I choose to help 120 little angels by riding 1200 kms on bicycle from Mumbai to Jaipur from 9th Dec 2015 onwards. My goal is raise funds of more than Rs.100000 which will be sufficient to feed 120 kids for one full year. The funds raised will be donated to government recognized ‘Akshaya Patra Foundation’ (NGO) towards the ‘Mid Day Meal Program’. Under this program one kid will get enough food one time (Lunch) for an entire year.

I sincerely urge you to support these kids wholeheartedly & make this initiative a grand success. Remember… “when you give more, you get more”. I am sure your contribution these innocent little angels will give you loads of satisfaction, blessings & joy.  

Come on! Be a guiding angel for someone by contributing something out of love & affection!

By the way… “It takes only Rs.750 to feed a child for one full year”

Contribute for 2 kids by donating Rs. 1500

Contribute for 4 kids by donating Rs. 3000

Contribute for 8 kids by donating Rs. 6000

Contribute for 16 kids by donating Rs. 12000

Many thanks for your support and don't forget to Like & Share this post with your friends, relatives, boss, employer, employee, children or anyone who you think might want to support too and get inspired. I can be reached out at 9920380550 & [email protected] for any queries

Thank You!

Love, Gaurav Warman :)


Campaign Donors

  • Mr. Sekhar Kalle
  • Mr. Sekhar
  • Mr. Sekhar Kalle
  • Mr. Praveen D
  • Mr. Manoj Munot
  • Mr. Anuj Arun Verma
  • Mrs. Kanak Durga
  • Mr. Advani Hotels Resorts India Ltd
  • Mr. Sun N Sand Hotel Pvt Ltd
  • Mr. M K Kanchan
  • Mr. Manali Mer
  • Mr. Arun G Verma
  • Mr. Meena Vaswani
  • Mr. Eastern Internatiuonal Hotel
  • Mr. R C Jain
  • Mr. J G Verma & Co
  • Mr. Mayoor S Bhatia
  • Mr. Babu Anni Devadiga
  • Mr. Sushil Kumar Bohra
  • Mr. Rohan Surolia
  • Mrs. Dr Nisha Sharma
  • Mr. Rahul Bhargava
  • Mr. Hozefa Dahod
  • Mr. Ashish Dixit
  • Ms. Kripa Manoj
  • Mr. Jagdish Arora
  • Mrs. Shakuntala Warman
  • Mrs. Yukti A Warman
  • Ms. Bhoomika Arora
  • Mr. Abhay Kumar Verma
  • Mrs. Neha Kamireddy
  • Mr. Kutbi Padiwala
  • Mr. Ammar Bhungrawala
  • Mr. Hakim Bhungra
  • Mr. Rahul K Johri
  • Mr. Swadhin Pankaj
  • Mr. Taher Ali
  • Mrs. Sangeeta Sunil Parwal
  • Mr. Varun Warman
  • Mr. Abhinav Goyal
  • Mrs. Poonam Verma
  • Mrs. Vinita Soni
  • Mr. Deepak Agarwal
  • Mr. Bhavin Mehta
  • Mr. Abhishek Badkul
  • Mrs. Nayana Vinod Rambhiya
  • Mr. Vinay Dattaram Khamvar
  • Mr. Paremvir Malik
  • Mr. Deepak Pankaj
  • Mr. Rishi Verma
  • Mr. Jigar
  • Mr. Kailash Kulkarni
  • Mr. Amit Parwani
  • Mrs. Yogita Sachin Sawant
  • Mrs. Twinkle Holkar
  • Mrs. Kinjal Mehul Bheda
  • Mr. Sanjay R Tak
  • Mr. Samir Vora
  • M/s. The India Art Investment Co. Pvt Ltd
  • Mr. Dennis Mathew
  • Mr. Yahna Sg
  • Mr. Sanjay M Sachdev
  • Mrs. Renu Mathur
  • Mr. Girish Wani
  • Mr. Parth Bharath Dani
  • Mr. Sanjay Khatri
  • Mr. Himanshu Sharma
  • Mr. Dinesh Raghunath Kothawade
  • Mr. Raghava Yenigalla
  • Mr. Hemant
  • Mr. Anjali Anant Pandit
  • Mr. Vithal Divkar
  • Mr. Chetan Anant Pandit
  • Ms. Payal Koradia
  • Mr. Himanshu Ramaiya
  • Ms. Shrashti Khajwaniya
  • Mr. Partho Chakraborty
  • Mr. Lalit K Jha
  • Mr. Sachin Ashok Sawant
  • Mrs. Shraddha Mehul Verma
  • Mr. Satish Veladandi
  • Mr. Laxmikanth Nagulapalli
  • Mrs. Jayshree Sharma
  • Mr. Dev Kumar Mahapatro
  • Mr. Saurabh Warman
  • Mr. Ankur Thakore
  • Mr. Ashish Verma
  • Mrs. Neha Chourasia

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